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hum philosophy

The Hum is both a community of curious seekers and a path toward personal practice. With nature as our teacher, a collaborative of visionaries, luminaries, Elders, virtuosic experience designers, strategists, artists, and guides from all over the world are studying and dreaming together to bring about an era where all life thrives. We invite you to join us. Together, we will raise our collective vibration and become ancestors worth claiming.

To learn more, feel free to reach out to:

Chris Everett

+1 612-508-3191

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earth wisdom

The Hum translates into everyday use a millennia-worth of wisdom about humanity’s relationship with nature and her governing principles. We distill these ideas into experiences that guide personal transformation and a future that is life-giving.

hum principles 

1. Ancient Earth Intelligence is our foundation

2. We balance with other traditions, science and schools of thought

3. We take the long view

4. We embrace limit and death

5. We honor Elders and engage youth for the benefit of future generations

6. We embrace Mystery

7.  We avoid dogma

8. We believe experience is the door to remembering

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