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Journey of the Gift Seeds is a way to discover the truth of our identity, enabling us to embrace our own unique power. In this process, we realize our true inheritance received at birth as well as what has been passed down to us from generation to generation through our families, our ancestors, and our culture. This journey leads to the natural emergence of our life purpose.


Our inheritance is like a lost treasure waiting to be discovered. The recognition of this inner potency opens new vistas in our life where we can see things we never saw before and gives us new hope and possibility. This work empowers us to create the internal strength to bridge the separation we experience in our lives.

7-8 Hours over 1-2 days

Solo, with couples, or groups

In person or virtual 

$300 a person or $200 with groups of 8 or more




four harmonies.png

Through sound and ceremony, you will learn how 4 elemental energies in nature can help us reconnect with the forces that live inside each of us— spirit, body, emotions, and heart-mind. They make up the beautiful song that is you. 

Return home with a new relationship to nature and yourself, and concepts to support your inner and outer journeys. To help you keep your hum vibrant, you’ll also receive a beautiful set of cards that takes you step-by-step on a self-guided meditation called “The Singing Path.” With it, you can touch back into the energies wherever you are, creating a meaningful, on-going practice.

8-12 Participants / On the land / $333 a person



You have the ability to direct your emotions and actions—to maintain who you are and sense what is needed in every moment. Self-awareness, self-mastery, and self-responsibility are the keys to living a conscious life that supports wellbeing. 

Learn how to step into Observer Self, assessing what is needed for the good of all. The most important element is authenticity–knowing and embodying your truest essence. Meet your inner allies and come face to face with your critical voice. You’ll return home with an “I Am” mantra that helps you articulate and activate your highest intentions.

8-12 Participants / On the land / $333 a person


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Winter is a special time when we are invited to reflect, dream, and renew. In the old days, people honored the four winter moons, Mother Earth’s cycles and rhythms, and remembered them in ourselves. They knew when we join in this timeless dance, we can support our balance and growth as humans as well as deepen our relationship to and respect for all of creation.

We will gather together virtually four times over four months, starting with the Winter Solstice and ending on the Spring Equinox, to understand and celebrate the energy o
f wintertime. This is a time of quieting the mind, reflecting on the year past, and dreaming about the year to come. Through meditations and rituals, you'll name seeds of intention for the year to come so they may take root and grow.

4 Months  /  Virtual  /  Join one or join all  /  FREE



As conscious humans, we want to make wise decisions, for ourselves, our families, and the broader world. You carry within you an ever-ready support council that can help you come to clarity on any issue for the benefit of all.

Meet your own internal Wisdoms and engage them on a pressing personal question to unlock new seeing and solutions. Then, explore how you can hold the insight of a particular Wisdom within a group for a full 360º perspective on a question or problem. You’ll return home with a greater trust in your own inner knowing, which you can access at any time.

6 Hours / 8-12 Participants / On the land


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When we experience a moment of awe, love, tenderness, kindness–a vibration deep inside opens our heart. These are all manifestations of authentic beauty. Our poets inspire us to recognize this as nothing less than a shy peek at Divinity—a direct connection with the great Mystery that is love. 

Explore ways of living a life centered on beauty. It can inform and enliven your experiences in nature, your most important relationships, and your personal spaces, revealing the reverence every moment deserves. Touch the awe with us through music, art making, and contemplations. Return home with inspiration for ways to infuse more beauty into every moment. 

6 Hours / 8-12 Participants / On the land


Together, we’ll explore the power of conversation and kinship with the Earth. Like a loving grandmother, she is ready to support your spiritual journey, ground you in balance, and help you heal. 

Leave with a bundle of beautiful, experienced rituals and ceremonies including The Power Place, Burying the Weapons, Beauty Offerings, and Questing. You’ll receive a guidance card for each to help you deepen your relationship with the Earth wherever you are.

6 Hours / 8-12 Participants / On the land


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Quest copy.jpg
quest for next.png

You are invited to a modern-day quest, designed for these times and rooted in ancient traditions. This is an epic journey inward. Tap into your wisdom through ceremony, sacred spaces, live music, delicious food from the land, and many magical moments, so that you can imagine and manifest your Next with a clear-hearted knowing. 

Join a small circle of curious people at Everwood for 3 days. Together, we’ll slow down, listen, and touch into ways for deep sensing that are always at our fingertips. As you hold your question, Mother Earth will partner with you to reveal what is needed and next. 

3 Days / 8-12 Participants / On the land



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